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A Skilled Divorce Attorney in Omaha, NE!

When you’re going through some of life’s biggest challenges, you deserve someone to be there with you throughout the process. James Buchanan, in Omaha, NE is that person for the people of our communities. Through divorce and child custody proceedings, our divorce attorney will represent you with the utmost professionalism. 

Assistance with Divorce Proceedings

James handles numerous cases every year as a divorce attorney, and all the people we serve are just trying to move on from this difficult experience as quickly as possible. When you choose James Buchanan as your divorce attorney, he will work for you every single day and fight for the best possible outcome. 

Child Support Representation

Besides being a divorce lawyer, James Buchanan also provides representation for child support cases. These complex court proceedings are stressful for everyone involved, and we’ll work hard to alleviate as much of that stress as possible through quality representation during your case. 

Child Custody Legal Services

As a prominent child custody lawyer in the community, James is dedicated to exceptional and fair representation throughout the entirety of child custody proceedings. From the initial filing for a case, through any hearings necessary, all the way down to a ruling, James Buchanan will fight for you and your child. 

Modification of Existing Court Orders

From changing employment situations to a child growing up and requiring more necessities, there are many reasons that child support or custody may need to be modified. James has helped hundreds of people over the years to modify their child support and custody court orders for their family's ever-changing needs. 

Rely On James for All Your Family Law Needs!

Ensure yourself quality representation in a court of law by trusting James Buchanan, an experienced and caring part of the Omaha, NE,  and surrounding communities. If you need to file a case for divorce, child support, or child custody, be sure to call James today for more information about your available options. 

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