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Mediate instead of Litigate!

James Buchanan, in Omaha, NE, is an approved mediation attorney that aims to help families in our community. Sometimes all it takes to work things out is an honest and unbiased mediator, and James has years of experience helping families work through legal proceedings to make the best choice for their families. 

Approved Family Law Mediator in Nebraska

While technically anyone can mediate a conversation, James has specialized training from the state of Nebraska and is fully qualified to help you and your family make important decisions and come to agreeable resolutions with other parties. 

Unbiased and Fair Mediation

It’s imperative that any mediation attorney or family lawyer is fair to both sides when it comes to crafting an agreement, and James Buchanan,  is known for being just that. James always makes sure to stay unbiased in every case he takes on, and that includes his legal mediation services in Omaha, NE, and beyond. 

Mediation for a Variety of Different Issues

A mediation attorney may be needed for a variety of different reasons, and James Buchanan has helped several people navigate through this process. Divorce, child custody, and child support payment modifications are just a few things that can be settled through mediation rather than court. 

Flexible for All Sides

It can be difficult to get two sides together at once, which is why we remain incredibly flexible with scheduling conflicts. James is always willing to find the best date for both sides to get together and work out any disputes. 

Trust James Buchanan as Your Family Mediator!

Choose James Buchanan, PC LLO as your mediation attorney today and receive amazing representation during your mediation proceedings. Call James today to learn more about his mediation services or to schedule an appointment with him in his Papillion, NE, office. 

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